The Incredible Domino Workshop! 12 months ago

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This is what happens when you give kids 200 dominoes, 30 minutes, and a wooden board :)
Find a domino club near you! If there isn't one near you, I highly recommend starting your own domino club! These work great for after school programs and workshops at the library. Get your local community together and introduce them to the awesome world of domino toppling :) Also, if you started a domino club, please email me the club information and I will add you to the list of domino clubs!

This video is from the "Domino Topplers in Michigan" club hosted by Harvey Krage and sponsored by Zeal Credit Union. They are a group of parents that are focused on building a local domino community, and help coordinate domino chain reaction events for youth in S.E. Michigan. Here is a link to the Facebook group if you are interested in joining:

Senior Advisor: Steve Price
Host Partners: Local libraries/Grade schools/Museums
STEM focus: Engineering - Building a domino creation that stays up until it needs to fall down

Here are their upcoming events:
- 9/30/2017: Enhanced/Advanced Zeal's Incredible Domino Workshops & Free Build Session @ The HenryFord (Museum), Dearborn, MI,
- 10/14/2017: Zeal's Incredible Domino Workshop @ Novi Public Library, Novi, MI
- 11/18/2017: Zeal's Incredible Domino Workshop @ Henry Ford Centennial Library, Dearborn, MI
- 02/10/2018: Zeal's Incredible Domino Workshop @ Livonia Public Library, Livonia, MI

Camera gear & dominoes used: (affiliate link)

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