Massive YouTube Rewind Button in Dominoes! 10 months ago

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I was featured in YouTube Rewind 2016 as an Easter Egg! YouTube asked me to build a massive YouTube Rewind button in dominoes, so I made one with 5,472 dominoes in 6 hours :) Enjoy!
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Here's the link to YouTube Rewind 2016: (if you click on the annotation on the rewind button at 0:38, it'll bring you to the secret easter egg video with my segment. Here's the direct link to it if you're interested:

Yes, this was filmed in 2016 - I would have uploaded this video last December, but never got the chance because I had to upload the Collateral Beauty footage. Better late than never, right? xD Also, what do you think of this style of video? It's sort of like a "My Thought Process" video but also with the preview shots and falldown combined all in one. I guess it's like a vlog of the ENTIRE process in a way. Let me know your thoughts! I may do more of these for the less lengthy projects.

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