Best Pets of the Week | December 2017 Week 2 11 months ago

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Here are the best pets of the week! This week includes an adventurous cat kayaking, a tiny tortoise munching on some fruit, dogs reuniting with their owners after Hurricane Harvey and more!

Original Links:
Cat Smashes Through Box:
Tiny Tortoise Eats Raspberries: Submission
Boston Terrier Wears Cowboy Costume:
Corgi Barks at Vacuum Cleaner:
Australian Shepherd Tries to Get Mistletoe:
Girl Snuggles With Cat Under Covers:
Red Pandas Drink Milk From Bottles:
Sphynx Cat Nuzzles Owners Beard:
Dachshund Destroys Bed:
Dog Cleans Parakeet with Tongue:
Bulldog Puppy Destroys Bed:
Puppy Avoids Going to Bed:
Cat Enjoys Kayak Ride:
Chihuahua Growls Strangely at Puppy:
Christmas Hamster Eats Sunflower Seeds:
Couple Reunites with Dogs After Home was Flooded:
Guy Uses Tractor to Lift Corgi Into Cab:
Dog Surprised Family is Getting New Puppy: Submission
Husky Prepares Bean Bag to Sleep On:

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