This Is What The North Korean People REALLY Think Of YOU 11 months ago

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A look at North Korean propaganda and how it portrays the West.
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Since the 1950s, North Koreans have hated Americans. This hermit country believes the American people are responsible for every negative thing that has occurred in their lives. Anti-American propaganda can be found on the streets and even inside the country’s elementary schools. At a young age, North Korean children are taught to hate the hook-nosed Americans, and we’re going to tell you how they really feel about the Western world. Using terms such as evil, dotard, and hook-nosed monsters and wolves, were here to tell you what the North Korean people think of you!

The people of this northern country are kept in the dark about most things that are happening in the world. So whatever information they are given by their leader, Kim Jong-Un, is the only source of information they receive. In a recent study, the North Koreans revealed that China was the happiest country in the world, with North Korea following in second place and the United States in last place. They think Americans are sad and miserable, but not only that, they also believe they’re stupid and inhumane for refusing to provide food to the millions of North Koreans who are starving. There’s a reason why the food aid was pulled, but you’ll have to watch our video to find out.

If you thought those terms used to describe Americans were bad, North Koreans also describe those in the Western country as cannibals, foxes who are spying on their country, and evil imperialist who are obsessed with fighting. If you’d like to see even more words the people of North Korea use to describe others, make sure to watch our video. Let us know in the comments section which of these terms shocked you the most!

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