UNCONVENTIONAL Domino Tricks! - Hevesh5 & Kaplamino 11 months ago

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The most unconventional domino tricks and chain reactions you'll ever watch :D This was a domino screenlink I made with Kaplamino: http://youtube.com/kaplamino (subscribe!)
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Please be sure to subscribe to Kaplamino as well! He is a freaking GENIUS when it comes to creative domino tricks. I am constantly awed by his videos and what he is able to come up with. If you enjoyed this, check out his channel here! http://youtube.com/kaplamino

This type of domino video is called a domino "screenlink" where each clip is built separately, then edited together to make it appear like one continuous chain reaction. Kaplamino and I live in different countries, so it was impossible to do it all in one take. Doing this video as a screenlink was simply a way for us to make a collab video together :) The first half the video was built by me, then at 1:44 it switches over to Kaplamino. What was your favorite trick? :)

Camera gear & dominoes used: http://bit.ly/H5gear (affiliate link)

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