Sonic Mania Models - Low Poly (Evolution of Characters in Games) - Episode 4 11 months ago

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After 23 years, a brand new classic Sonic released, and surprisingly, it featured 3D models ala the Sega Saturn era. In this episode of Low Poly, we check out those models and see if Team Mania achieved their goal of creating a game that possibly would have released on the Saturn.

Models -
Sonic - 0:28
Tails - 2:31
Knuckles - 3:23
Special Stage Assets - 4:32
Special Stage U.F.O - 5:26
Special Stage Ring - 6:00
Eggman's Tower - 6:21
Titanic Monarch Robot (Unused) - 6:57

Special thanks - - 3DS Max Scripts - .rsdk Unpacker - Ripping the meshes

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